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Flag-New Zealand.jpg

Country Code +64

City/Area Codes
Auckland 9
Christchurch 3
Dunedin 3
Hamilton 7
Hastings 6
Invercargill 3
Napier 6
Nelson 3
New Plymouth 6
New Zealand External Territories 24
North Island (Central and Eastern) 7
North Island (North) 9
North Island (Western) 6
Palmerston North 6
Pokeno 9
Rotorua 7
South Island 3
Tauranga 7
Telecom CDMAOne 27
Telecom Minicall Pager 89
Telecom Mobile (AMPS/DAMPS) 25
Telecom Pager 26
Telstra (GSM) 29
Timaru 3
Vodafone (GSM) 21
Wanganui 6
Wellington Region 4
Whangarei 9

More: will take you to the Telecom New Zealand White and Yellow Pages.

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